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EQ Architecture & Design is a Brooklyn-based architecture firm specializing in the design of shelters, affordable, and supportive housing.

EQ traces its roots back to 1989 when Cindy L. Harden first founded Harden Van Arnam. For nearly 30 years HVA worked with not-for-profit developers to design and build hundreds of units of affordable and supportive housing.

EQ Architecture & Design was founded in 2017 by Cindy L. Harden and Claudia Goudas. At the time of its founding, Ms. Harden and Ms. Goudas had worked together for over 22 years on the design and development of shelters, affordable and supportive housing, and community-related projects. Their clients include the Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS), Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, the Institute for Community Living (ICL), the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice, and New Destiny Housing Corporation.

In 2022, EQ Architecture & Design welcomed its newest partner, Alphonse Diaz. Alphonse Diaz has dedicated over 23 years to the design and realization affordable, supportive, and senior housing, working with Beth Cooper Laurence Architect PC as a Project Architect of the Gibbs Mansion complex and collaborating with Peter Woll Architect on affordable housing projects prior to beginning a firm of his own. Since 2005, Alphonse Diaz Architect P.C. has worked with non-profit developers and community organizations like Fountain House, Providence House, Services for the UnderServed, and Alembic Community Development to build over 380 supportive and affordable apartments.

EQ's work includes both rehabilitation and new construction throughout New York City with projects ranging in size from single family homes to multi-story buildings with over 200 units. Many of the firm's projects include support service space, social service space, healthcare space, lounges, classrooms, recreational areas, landscaping, outdoor playspace and childcare facilities.

EQ Architecture & Design aims to leverage its extensive experience to realize housing equity and social equilibrium with every project completed.

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